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One of THOSE days January 20, 2011

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Today….today was one of THOSE days.  You know, those days?  Those days when it would have been more productive and better for everyone involved if you had just stayed in bed?  It started by my waking up at 6:56 (I usually leave the house at 7) and ended with my finding out that one of the 8th grade songs for the dance showcase is the “clean” version of a song really entitled f*** you.  Fabulous.  Where was the teacher who okayed this and didn’t realize what the song was really about?  And why do I always have to be the “bad guy” when in reality I’m just trying to uphold them mission of the school and instill some values into my students?

So basically, today was one of those days when I wonder why I even try.

Still – I’m looking forward to seeing my girls in the morning and am going to hope for a better day!


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